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To the right audience

Your customers are young and tech savvy - technology has connected them to each other but disconnected them from you. We can reach them in real-time, through live video content.

We are integrated into the live broadcasts of Twitch influencers, esports stars and esports tournaments. This means that our ads play exclusively in front of millions of 18-34 year old males targeted through premium video content that they love and trust.

45 Million


Through the Silence

We offer the world’s only 100% unblockable digital video ads. Adblock rates among young consumers are through the roof and climbing.

With Waypoint you can break through and deliver your messaging in real-time through live content. We provide a unique opportunity to reach these hidden customers for the first time.


Your audience across any device

Our ads are delivered simultaneously to viewers on all devices. This means every ad is automatically consumed through the viewer’s preferred channel. So not only do we reach the right audience, we can reach them at the perfect moment.

Case Studies

Square Enix
Game Launch / DLC Promotion
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Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV
New Product Launch / Branding Campaign
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Kabam Inc. / Disney Interactive Studios
Star Wars Uprising
Movie Co-Promotion and Product Awareness
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Live Brand Engagement Analytics
Proprietary Twitch Analytics
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