“One of the difficulties with business development and account retention is that agencies and non-endemic companies that are investing in esports are not getting the sophisticated tracking and reporting needed to properly measure campaign effectiveness and ROI. It’s not enough for us to know it’s powerful, we have to be able to communicate that to those outside the space – Waypoint’s system allows that.”
Steve Arhancet, Co-Owner, Team Liquid
Client Goals
One of the benefits of eSports is that the majority of the audience is reached via digital channels. This provides opportunities for advertising and sponsorship impact analyses that are not readily available with traditional sports. At Waypoint Media we focus very heavily on using our technology to develop new ways to measure the impact that brands receive through gaming and eSports related media.

To help with this we have developed a method to measure audience engagement on the popular live streaming website Twitch. We measure this engagement in two ways.
The Results
Data that we collected during Twitch broadcasts demonstrates a significant reaction to last month’s announcement by mobile device manufacturer HTC. The tech giant kicked off a major move into eSports by sponsoring three of the top franchises: Team Liquid, Cloud9 and Team Solomid.

Shortly after, the co-owner of Team Liquid, Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet, received a phone call on his new HTC phone while in an interview prior to a highly anticipated League of Legends Championship Series‘ match between Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming. Despite the slightly hokey staging of the announcement, news of the sponsorship had been widely reported and the reaction of the live crowd was palpable.
The above graph shows us three important things:

What Does this mean for the industry?
For brands this shows that gamers are listening; for esports organizations it means that there are ways to track and prove the high levels of engagement that campaigns targeted at gamers can generate. The more data the industry can generate the better advertisers can target campaigns in the future. It’s crucial to have access to the tools and technology that allow you to do so.