Star Wars Uprising
During the first four days of the Star Wars movie launch,
almost two hundred thousand live viewers were exposed to our campaign messaging.
Client Goals
Star Wars: Uprising is an exciting action / role playing game for iOS and Android. The game’s in-depth gameplay and long term appeal makes it unique among mobile offerings.

On the eve of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, anticipated to be one of the largest movie releases of all time, Kabam wanted to take advantage of the movie’s immense popularity to remind gamers of the amazing Star Wars game that was available on their mobile devices and second screens.

Additionally, the client wished to make use of explicit messaging that emphasized the in-depth nature of the game.
The Campaign
Waypoint Media executed a quick fire campaign over the first four days of the movie’s release when Star Wars mania was at its peak. The campaign needed to reach a large amount of gamers, while providing messaging highlighting that Star Wars: Uprising was not just a casual mobile game.

To accomplish this Waypoint Media created a brand new advertising unit designed specifically for the online live streaming audience. Our branded “ticker” not only created awareness for the game, but also demonstrated to the audience the breadth of gameplay options that awaited them.
The Results
Over the course of four days this campaign reached almost 200,000 individual gamers on Twitch.