Game Launch / DLC Promotion
Client Goals
For the 2016 relaunch of the critically acclaimed HITMAN franchise, Square Enix made a bold choice to release the game episodically over the course of a year. After an open beta and the launch of Episode 1 in March, 2016, new episodes of the game will be released as Downloadable Content (DLC) on a monthly basis.

The challenge for Square Enix was to build a marketing campaign that not only creates strong launch day buzz, but also re-engages users every month as new episodes of the game are released.
The Campaign
With the help of streamer management agency Online Performers Group, Waypoint Media designed an episodic content creation campaign to match the episodic nature of HITMAN’s release. A roster of over 20 content creators was selected to guide the Twitch audience through the entire 7 month release schedule of the game.

Content creators were chosen based on their ability to engage with large audiences and emphasize the great gameplay moments in each episode.
Influencer: CohhCarnage
Reached: 123,456
Shown Below
Influencer: Ellohime
Reached: 123,456
Influencer: Fairlight Excalibur
Reached: 123,456
The Results
To date the HITMAN campaign has had 295,165 Views on Twitch with 114,061 Viewer Hours of HITMAN gameplay content consumed. The campaign was incredibly high impact with each view of the gameplay content lasting over 20 minutes on average.